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About Us

We believe that parenting is Lots of Fun. It’s an adventure packed with precious moments of Laughing Out Loud.

It’s a journey filled with dreams, lots of love and wonder. Venturing out on this unique, life changing journey, you’ll want to be equipped not only with most durable and safe products, but with essentials that stand out over the rest.  We know that creating a family is a unique and personal journey, reflecting your choices and preferences. 

That is the reason we created LOL. A new concept which brings together the Fun in parenthood, the Durability of our products and the Unique reflection of your choices.


Drawing from our personal experience as parents, we began designing our products in line with our fundamental belief that family is everything. Our passion for designing innovative baby products that cater to you and your baby’s needs, stems from the idea that a new baby is more than just about creating your own family – it’s about connection and belonging. Bearing this in mind, we decided to cater to those already present – an excited brother or sister impatiently awaiting the arrival of the new addition to the family.

Our Mini-Me collection enables them to feel connected and allows you to cater to all your loved ones, whether they come in small or larger bundles of joy.


When we envisioned LOL bebe, we wanted products that are there with you and for you, day in and day out.

We believe that quality isn’t synonymous with a high price tag. This is the reason we chose lightweight aluminum chassis and super durable fabrics for our Journey line of strollers. Durable, lightweight and weather resistant Neoprene for our Travel accessories and Ultra-Soft Bamboo wonder fabric, for our Dream line. We believe that it is possible to bring you products that are both functional and stylish without compromising on comfort and durability.

That’s what we call – Top quality.


Just as every baby is special, every family is unique. LOL products are geared towards providing you with a unique line of essentials that stand out. Our choices and preferences eco who we are. Self expression is an essential part of that. This is the reason we design and manufacture our products with the passion to be a clear voice, rather than an eco. This choice is reflected in every one of our products which can be personalized to fit your individual needs.

Our four categories: Journey, Travel, Dream and Mini-Me focus on providing you with a personalized design experience and a unique edge. Whether by choice of characters, or our matching line of Mini-Me products, you can create an experience that radiates your personal taste and will be the perfect gift for the ones you love.

Dare to be different – Just be yourself!