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Our Characters

Darby the deer

Darby is a plucky little deer. He loves to dart around the playground, horns first, which sometimes gets him into trouble with the grownups. His motto in life is “why walk the walk, when you can dash in a flash”. He loves his independence and needs a lot of freedom to explore the world.

Navi the rabbit

Navi is a little on the shy side. She prefers to observe before making up her mind and feels most comfortable amongst her close friends. “Better be safe than sorry” is her motto in life. It takes time to win her confidence, but when you gain her trust, you know you’ve found a friend for life.

Bo the panda

Bo’s nickname is BoZen. He is the calmest most sunny-side-up kinda panda. His motto in life is “go with the flow, flow with the Bo”. Sometimes he tends to daydream while chewing on crunchy bamboo. If caught, he’ll smile and send a namaste your way.